It is going to be 2023 soon. Our design team now came out with a new layout of pre-designed bunting and re-organize layout on the name card for new agents.

HOI Partners 2023’s bunting layout

What is new with our 2023 bunting layout?

  1. Actual universal working QR code
  2. Replaceable background based on agents customization

WhatsApp directly to 0124732709 for bunting customization

** this is thrid party service provider, customization, order & delivery charges may vary.

HOI Partner 2023's namecard design
HOI Partner Namecard 2023’s design

Namecard will be delivered to all new agents provided their delivery address updated correctly in FARA

For those who are interested and need more info to register as our partner:

You know what you doing and would like to join us instantly: