Since most of our car is being taken a good care by manufacturers workshop these days, we rarely see punctured tyre at roadside often anymore. But when there is one, we see a lot of drivers will be hustling their tyres, wrestling their bolt & nuts to get them out as the tyre spins together with the nuts.

It is ok if you don’t know as this is not what we do on daily basis.

Most drivers assume this is correct:

  1. Jack up the car
  2. Unscrew the bolt & nuts
  3. Replace the tyre
  4. Tighten the nut
  5. Remove the jack

This is very wrong. Please watch this video & we will continue from there

The correct method to change your tyre is:

  1. Untighten the screw slightly
  2. Jack up your car
  3. Remove the nuts
  4. Change in your spare tyres
  5. Slightly tighten the screw
  6. Lower your jack
  7. Tighten up your bolt & nuts
  8. Remove your car jack.

The key here is to untighten the bolts before you jack to lift your car. This is to prevent from the tyre spinning as we are trying to untighten them.

Nevertheless, this article is for whom subscribed to Third Party or Comprehensive without roadside assistance bundled only which most of our cars were.

Currently, only Etiqa Comprehensive cover came bundled with roadside assistance. For other brands, please check your insurance policy if you have purchased for roadside assistance. Please do not be confused with roadside assistance to breakdown towing.

  • Breakdown Towing – this package will assist you to tow your car to the nearest workshop in the event of breakdown or accident.
  • Roadside assistance – is a service provided to assist for workmanship that can be performed at the roadside.

Please contact Accident Assist as they may do the check what package of insurance/takaful you’ve signed up for your vehicle.