In the previous days, a product was made to last. Same goes for cars. Cars from the 90’s still can be seen going strong in the fast lane today.

The issue arises when renewing your Insurance/Takaful. Most of the insurer does not want to accept cars ages more than 20 years into their comprehensive cover pool.

Every day we received requests from customers for us to get approval in getting their car into comprehensive cover. Most of it has been rejected to various reason from the underwriter which relates to the probability of accidents due to the absence of new technology like ABS & etc for old cars.

Not that the customer is not willing to spend. They are just not allowed to. Many cases, customer’s concern is for the towing service which only eligible for comprehensive cover.

Starting from 1st August, Towing service for (TPFT) Third Party, Fire & Theft is made available by Etiqa.
TPFT + DPPA will make your car eligible for towing service!

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