Customers are our precious.
Selection of business partner is crucial. HOI will not negotiate on the experience level needed of our partners in providing same good care like we do.

With a rapidly growing community demanding faster & better support, HOI is adopting new technologies into our business model.
One of our focus points is improving our call features:

  • Customers can dial any branch yet be connected to our call centre by option
  • Branches can transfer a customer to their nearest branch without the need for customer jotting down notes.
  • Option selection for accident and roadside assistant
  • Conference customer with their principal takaful & insurance operator.

Ever wonder how do HOI cater service to customer efficiently?
Mentioned features above is a service (Multi Line SIP) provided by TM Berhad.
Enable HOI to easily manage 32 concurrent calls at a time!

Mr Saiful and Mr Zaidi are from TM Berhad Cyberjaya.
Expert in their own area, each of them play a very big role in digitalization of our business.

During meeting today, we found that both of them is our customer too!
In other words, they are helping us provide better service to themselves.

HOI has been invited to join TM conference this coming December.
We will share the experience of how TM Berhad really help to digitalise our business.
See you guys there!

To learn more about TM product,
both of the experts can be reached through their mobile:
Saiful: 01110160101
Zaidi: 0192108354

Already on Unifi? dial 100

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