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** JomPAY is Malaysia’s national bill payment scheme established and operated by Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet).

JomPAY establishes an accessible bill payment eco-system for consumers, banks & billers, where a customer of 40 banks in Malaysia can pay bills anywhere and anytime. For businesses and billers, using JomPAY to collect payments from customers saves time and money, improves cash flow, and makes reconciliation of incoming payments easier.


Banks now offering JomPAY
You can pay through any of the banks listed below.


Below is our details for JomPAY payment option.

Our biller code: 11999
Listed under: Insurans Am (General Insurance) as House Of Insurance
JOMPAY payment howto:

No matter what bank you use to pay. Payment now can be verified by us on the same day!

JomPAY today!
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