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Official calculation guideline document sourced @ JPJ - Ministry of Transport Malaysia website

"Starting from February 10, 2023, the Malaysian government has enacted a fresh policy that removes the necessity for drivers to showcase their motor vehicle licenses, commonly referred to as road tax, on their vehicles."

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Efficiently calculate road tax with the Malaysia RoadTax Calculator App. Your quick reference tool for accurate tax rates. Ideal for insurance agents, takaful agents, JPJ runners, and vehicle owners alike, this app simplifies road tax calculations, whether you're managing a single vehicle or a fleet.

  • Fast & Reliable: Quick calculations help professionals and individuals save time.
  • User-Friendly: Simplified interface for ease of use.
  • Up-to-Date: Regular updates ensure accuracy with the latest tax rates and regulations.

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Road Tax FAQ

There's no need to remember your Road Tax expiry in 2024. HOI provides hassle-free solutions with tools like the Automated Road Tax Renewal Reminder. The system will send you timely notifications through WhatsApp, SMS, and Email, ensuring you stay updated without the need to actively remember dates.

It's pretty straightforward! For bikes, the Road Tax starts at just 2 ringgit and increases based on your vehicle's CC, type, and where you are. To get the exact amount, use Malaysia Road Tax Calculator tool. It follows the guidelines from the JPJ - Malaysia's Ministry of Transport, making sure you get the right info for your specific ride.

It's a piece of cake! After renewing through our Fastlane Insurance, Takaful & Roadtax Quotation system, simply download the official MYJPJ App from the Play Store or App Store. This app will showcase the most recent record of your Road Tax registered under your name. Easy, convenient, and right at your fingertips!

Here! just right where you are at. Aside of being to UTC at JPJ counters, you can just do it online right here. The era of physical Road Tax policies is a thing of the past, and nowadays, most of us prefer the convenience of renewing online anytime, anywhere, 24/7

In 2024, there's no need to carry around documents to renew your road tax. For Malaysian citizens renewing online, simply remember your IC number and your vehicle plate number. The best part? You don't even have to wait for it to expire; fill it out now, and we'll notify you when the time comes. It's that easy!

Road Tax is a tax mechanism administered by the government through the Ministry of Transport Department (JPJ) to collect fees from users. There is no comparison or differentiation between higher or cheaper versions of Road Tax. The amount is quite modest, and it's noteworthy that the government hasn't raised the price since last 15 years ago during the budget presentation in 2009.
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Automated Insurance, Takaful & Roadtax Renewal Reminder

Our FARA³ backend API system will automagically sort and record your vehicle's expiry date. Liza running on nodejs with axios will fetch and notify all our messanging gateways to send you notification through Email, SMS & Whatsapp! Yes we do remember your last updated details.

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