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Car, & Motorcycle

Get Coverage at Your Fingertips
Apply for your vehicle insurance policy from the comfort of your home with an easy-to-use, guided registration process! Get immediate status replies from JPJ, and transact through secure online payment channels for added peace of mind. Plus, stay environment-friendly with paperless cover notes!

Experience Round-the-Clock Assistance
Need a jump start, battery change or flat tyre replacement for your car? Kurnia offers 24-hour FREE Auto Assistance, including free towing for to 50km.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Claims
Get immediate claim settlement in cash with Kurnia Express, the fastest, most convenient way to make Own Damage and Windscreen claims.

Be Updated on the Go
Receive renewal reminders, claim notifications and answers to NCD enquiries via our FREE SMS service, so you’re updated wherever you go.

Stay in Touch, anytime
Should you need assistance, guidance or advice at any time, call the dedicated 24-hour Kurnia Auto Assist customer support line at 1800 88 3833.


When you buy a home, you’ll usually be automatically covered with fire and house owner insurance. The thing is, these forms of insurance only cover the actual structure of your house and not its contents. What if your house is burgled, or you lose belongings to a fire? What if a burst water pipe short circuits your TV, or a flood ruins your furniture? Now, from just 50 sen a day, you can protect yourself and the contents of your home from a host of eventualities including:

  • Full Theft
  • Bursting or Overflowing Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes
  • Fire, Lightning & Explosions
  • Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage
  • Impact of Vehicle
  • Earthquake, Typhoon, Windstorm and Flood
  • Aircraft and other Aerial Devices and/or Articles Dropped Therefrom
  • Subsidence and LandslipKey features
  • Personal Accident Coverage – You and your immediate family are protected with personal accident coverage 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world
  • Accommodation Claims – You can claim up to 30 days of accommodation expenses in the event your house is rendered uninhabitable
  • Personal Liability Protection – Have peace of mind knowing you’re financially protected if you are sued by someone who experiences injury due to unsafe conditions in your house
  • Affordable Entry Point – Protect your house contents from as little as 50 cents daily!
Kurnia Auto-Assist

Available for Kurnia Private Car Comprehensive Motor Insurance policyholders, Kurnia Auto Assist provides 24-hour auto assistance and towing service should your vehicle break down, or if you’re involved in an accident. It comes with the following benefits:

Breakdown Assistance
This covers all minor or major repairs to get your vehicle mobile, either at the breakdown site or at a service provider’s workshop, with rates for services negotiated between yourself and the service provider beforehand. Comes with free services such as changing flat tyres, jump-starting and replacement of batteries, not including the cost of parts.

Towing Service
Should the situation arise, we will tow your vehicle to the nearest service provider workshop or a specified destination for FREE within a 50km radius (30km for Sabah & Sarawak), with RM2.00 charged per additional km.

Flat Battery Replacement
Free delivery and installation anywhere, anytime within the Klang Valley, with discounted rates for new maintenance-free car batteries.

Accident Related Services
If you’re involved in an accident and are a Kurnia Comprehensive Motor Insurance policyholder, you don’t have to pay the towing fee as it will be part of your claims.

Fuel Delivery
If you run out of fuel, we can deliver some to you in a gazetted location with a surcharge of RM10.

Conditions of Benefits
We will not provide Kurnia Auto Assist services in the following situations:

  • Towing from one workshop to another
  • For disposal of vehicle, where vehicle has no engine or transmission
  • Where the vehicle is in a remote area, such as non-gazetted road, estate, plantation, jungle or rooftop parking area
  • In the event of an Act of God, catastrophe, natural disaster and so on, where we are prevented from rendering proper service
  • If there is a power failure, mishap or situation where the Call Centre is rendered inoperable

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Kurnia Insurans

Malaysiaku Contest Terms & Conditions ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Kurnia Insurans

Feel the patriotism RISE in you when you watch this snippet from RISE: INI KALILAH. Join Kurnia's Malaysia Day contest and win a pair of tickets to an exclusive screening! All you have to do is tell us what 'MalaysiaKu' means to you in the comment section in the previous post. Hurry! Contest ends at 12am, 25 September 2018. *Terms and conditions apply. ... See MoreSee Less

Rise Ini Kalilah Movie Trailer


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Teringat kerja dgn Kurnia dulu..rindu zaman Tu huhu

4 days ago

Kurnia Insurans

The most talked about movie of the town, Rise Ini Kalilah is here! We are giving away exclusive movie passes to 100 lucky winners*! Tell us what ‘MalaysiaKu’ means to you in the comment section below and stand a chance to win two passes to this awesome movie. So what are you waiting for? Contest ends at 12am September 25th 2018.
*Terms and conditions apply.
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The most talked about movie of the town, Rise Ini Kalilah is here! We are giving away exclusive movie passes to 100 lucky winners*! Tell us what ‘MalaysiaKu’ means to you in the comment section below and stand a chance to win two passes to this awesome movie. So what are you waiting for? Contest ends at 12am September 25th 2018. 
*Terms and conditions apply.


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Malaysiaku..people with one-minded,loyalty and one aim to make Malaysia the land we love, a happy abode for all of us. We can guarantee liberty,security,prosperity and happiness for the future💪🏻

MalaysiaKu... A place where beautiful nature nestle, A land our ancestors gained for independence, A melting pot of multicultural society, A rising nation that wows the world, A home where I proud to spend for my rest of life!

Malaysia Ku means We Are Diffrent Cultures, Diffrent Religion,Diffrent Races,but Only One Words We are is I AM TRUE MALAYSIAN 🇲🇾 Malaysia have everything is here Cool Wheather,Hot Wheather,Beautiful Beaches,Beautiful Places so Malaysia is Tanah AirKu.. Happy Malaysia Day🇲🇾 #KurniaInsurans

🇲🇾️🇲🇾️🇲🇾️Malaysiaku is where home is, living in peaceful country sharing our similarities and celebrating the difference 🎈 🎈 🎈 Malaysiaku offers me to celebrate different festivals (Raya, CNY, Diwali), learn cultures (Piecing and devoting themselves for vows , fasting for whole month ,Throwing mandarin orange into rivers), speaks multilanguage and never miss feasting local cuisine all day long (street food & Mamak the best) 🤗 🤗 🤗

To me MalaysiaKu means is being patriotic, love our nation, proud being a Malaysian and try to contribute in whatever ways possible for the good of this nation.And of course this is our Malaysia Stop 🛑 asking what nation did for us. And start asking what we did for our nation. And im proudly says tat.. Im a tax payer Im a PTPTN borrower with *good repayment records*.

Malaysiaku means a lot to me. Place where I born and become someone. With different cultures and races we still stand strong under Malaysiaku. Live peacefully and harmony . I'm proud to be Malaysian. Hope Malaysia will be more strong and better future under new government. Sayangi Malaysiaku ! #KurniaInsurans #Malaysiaku

MalaysiaKu means alot to me.A country where I was born and breed.My home that Im always proud of.Friends of various races and backgrounds.Who is always there during ups and downs.Malaysia Negara Kita😍😍😍😍💪💪💪

MalaysiaKu means a mixture of different cultures and people and yet still living in harmony and peace!

MalaysiaKu means a melting pot for all races to live in harmony together and embracing variety of cultures! <3

Malaysiaku means a lot to me because of its contrast and diversity, which shaped the country we are today. Through respect and understanding towards each other, we face the challenges and endure them together. We stand united despite our differences as we, Malaysian are proud of our history as well as what we have achieved, and towards what we will achieve later. For that lets Sayangi Malaysiaku! #KurniaInsurans #Malaysiaku

malaysiaku... unity is our fundamental strength as a people and as a nation.

MalaysiaKu means a country respecting all races and religions and embrace unity!

As for me, 'MalaysiaKu’ means the country where I have spent my lifetime since childhood days until now. We have a lot of wonderful cultures from many different races in Malaysia and these cultures are one of the things that paint the pictures of our country. I am proud that we don’t let the differences divide us, instead we use them to bring us closer together. Which other country can boast of the ability to order food using four languages: “Macha, one roti canai tapau boleh?” We have ‘rojaked’ our language so colourfully in a way that only if you are Malaysian, then only you would be able to understand the lingua franca. You can take a Malaysian out of Malaysia, but you can't take Malaysia out of a Malaysian. #SayaAnakMalaysia #inikalilah

Malaysiaku is a country full of contrasts and exciting cultures with different cultures and religions lives in peace and harmony

Malaysiaku means a lot to me. It is rich in it's diversity of people with different race, culture and religion where all unite together in the same country n rule.

Malaysia ku - A diverse nation, A unified people, walk high and proud under one Flag. #malaysiakunegaraku

MalaysiaKu to me means my country, my home, the place where I was born and will always belong, to enjoy her beauty, food and culture.

Malaysiaku adalah KITA yang bersatu dan bertolenrasi untuk hidup sejahtera dan bahagia hingga generasi masa depan.

Malaysiaku pelbagai bangsa, Malaysiaku keunikAn budaya, MALAYSIAKU BANYAK DESTINASI MENARIK! oh Malaysiaku!

Malaysiaku 🇲🇾 = Negaraku.. Satu negara yang kecil tapi mempunyai kejayaan yang dari pelbagai segi.. Pelbagai bangsa, agama, bahasa, kaum, etnik, budaya tapi hidup saling hormat menghormati.. Tanahnya subur, panorama indah, pelbagai tempat menarik yang perlu untuk dijelajahi.. Bukan untuk dicerobohi, tetapi menghargai anugerah Ilahi.. Rise, Ini Kalilah...

Malaysiaku, Negara yang harmoni dan cemerlang dengan rakyatnya yang harmoni di bawah satu pohon yang sama

"MALAYSIAKU" bermaksud... Milik bersama dikongsi bersama, Lupakan perbezaan warna kulit dan budaya, Dibawah satu bumbung daulat Malaysia kita adalah satu negara. Dikongsi bersama hidup sejahtera. Sayangi Malaysiaku. #KurniaInsurans #SayangiMalaysiaku

Malaysiaku inilah bumi bertuah membangun pesat seiring kemajuannya.Bertuah aku dibumi Malaysia dengan rakyatnya yang penuh bersemangat dan berbilang kaum.😍😍

'MalaysiaKu' means ONE heart, ONE nation and UNITY of All races in Malaysia.

Hello Kurnia Insurans!! Thanks for having this awesome giveaway contest!! In my opinion, “MalaysiaKu simply means the beloved country where I being born and raised to become a role model or decent person whic I can contribute much to Malaysia!!” Let’s hope the best for our Malaysia! “Sayangi Malaysiaku” Let’s join this contest Jake Yong Jay Ma Victor Lee

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