Most of Malaysians know that if you are injured by a motor vehicle, you can make a Third Party Bodily Injury (TPBI) claim against the insurance company of that motor vehicle. But what happens if that motor vehicle has no insurance coverage? Who do you claim from?

This is where Motor Insurers’ Bureau of West Malaysia or MIB for short comes in.

MIB was formed on 15/01/1968 from an agreement made by the Minister of Transport of Malaysia, the general insurance companies of Malaysia and the Bureau itself.

MIB’s purpose is to provide injured road accident victims (whether as a driver, passenger or pedestrian) with money in case the other motor vehicle has no insurance.

There are several important steps to follow:

  1. You can submit your claim directly to MIB or appoint a lawyer to do so.
  2. You must identify the motor vehicle that knocked you (e.g. WTG 1234). MIB no longer pays you for hit-and-run cases. This is when a vehicle knocks you, but you cannot record the vehicle number.
  3. You must submit your claim within three years from the accident date.
  4. If you appoint a lawyer and he proceeds to file a lawsuit, he must notify MIB within 30 days of filing the lawsuit and provides MIB with all the relevant documents.
  5. MIB will only pay for your injuries (e.g. abrasions, bone fractures). They will not pay for damage to your motor vehicle, clothing, shoes, watch, loss of earnings, medical bills, etc.
  6. The amount of payout is subject to MIB’s discretion and is on a goodwill basis.


You need to prepare the following documents:

  1. Cover letter describing your accident, your intent to claim and the list of documents.
  2. Your police report (must state the third party vehicle’s license plate number).
  3. Third party vehicle driver’s police report (if available).
  4. Your medical report.


Please make a spare set and submit the originals to:

Motor Insurers’ Bureau of West Malaysia*
Wisma Piam
No. 150-3, 3rd Floor, Jalan Tun Sambathan, Brickfields, 50782, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 0322747395
Fax: 0322745910

* This is applicable to accidents that take place in Sabah and Sarawak too.

When you receive a reply from MIB, they will request an RM100 fee for them to conduct their investigation on your accident. Since MIB may occasionally change its internal policy and the process may take a long time, we advise that you follow up with them every month.


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