Was skeptical of getting a Smart TAG (Touch & Go) device back then. Thinking of the “bigger picture” of how the money manipulation. How they will use our money to make them more money so the rich will be richer.

One day, approaching Duta Kuala Lumpur toll-gate.

Questioned a good friend:
“The toll is only rm1.60, why you bother to top up rm50? This cheap plastic case (Smart TAG) with 9v battery cost you near rm100.”

“What if, you have a butler who will always skip the queue for you. Who will always provide red carpet lane each time? Yet his salary is not more than what you will spend and an extra cost of rm100 willing to work for a year at least?”

The same metaphor applies today for HOI.

We do insurance policy day in day out every day knowing actually what is behind the colours. Choosing what brand to represent is to know which list is better. No guessing. We know what is the best for which condition, model, type & etcetera.

Trust us on that.