New Unregistered Car Insurance & Takaful

This option is for vehicles not (yet) registered with JPJ or new vehicles without a plate number registered. 

Please proceed if you are sure your vehicle is new/unregistered. 

A) Details needed 
1) IC Details
2) Chasis Number 
3) Engine Number
4) Make/Model 
5) Year of Make 
6) Capacity (CC) 
7) No. of seats 
8) Variant-Series-Transmission 
9) Vehicle kept Address 
10) Security Features Detail2 
11) Safety Features Detail2

B) Types of Online Payment System offered are: 
1) Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD) 
2) FPX Internet Banking 

E) Type of coverage 
1) Comprehensive
Private Car Comprehensive Insurance provides cover for third party property loss or damage and loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accidental fire, theft or vehicle accident. It also covers third party bodily injury and death. 

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Kurnia Insurance Takaful IKHLAS

If you have any dificulty to proceed the forms yourself or you would like to request other/manual quotation, please email to or call 0383200200.