We are still running beta testing for our customer service number (+60383200200) on WhatsApp.

Feel free (we will not reply to this test) to try.

Use this link: https://www.hoi.my/whatsapp

The idea for this Business Whatsapp number solely to accommodate remote lapse insurance renewal that requires photos submitted for principle Insurance approval.

** We do not support nor encourage the use of WhatsApp for the mean of your data privacy. Sharing any data through WhatsApp application is to your own agreement with the software owner.

** Whatsapp chat is not private.
Our chat record will be used by third parties (eg: Facebook) for advertisement & promotions targeting on their social media platforms.

If you use Whatsapp, most likely you already own an email address.

How to access your email?

  • Android: HOME -> Gmail
  • iPhone: Click on the Mail icon

Send an email to renewal@hoi.my. We will be glad to assist you through then.

Thank you for your generous support!