You know, there we time when you felt like something is not so quite right but you can’t tell what it is?
To every turn like the whole world eyeballing at you. Like you stink so bad but just had your bath.

Out of sudden, an old model police patrol car pulling you over like they can smell (road tax mati) expire road tax!

How can they be that fast? How do they know?

Next, is a pair of summons came in a bundle:

  • No valid road tax
  • No valid vehicle insurance

** Summons does not come cheap ya. Some might leads to an invitation for JPJ (PUSPAKOM) inspection.

There is no magic. Law enforcer act with fact rather guts feeling.

Nothing new, its just technology. The police patrol car is equipped with computers connected back to their centralised server database. These database servers are linked to other department servers like JPJ who maintain your road tax record.

So if even the old fashion patrol car is equipped with technology to track us. Why can’t we choose to keep up in using the technology avoiding all these unnecessary hassles?

Which technology do you want to meet first?

  • Police tracking your database online.
  • Online Insurance, Takaful & Road tax renewal.


You choose.