Why pay extra? Now named driver is literally FREE!

The competition as expected at the price varies from major Insurance & Takaful brands.
Few package changes adopted by most of the others.

The notable improvement that resulted from both matters above are:

  • Free for 50 (fifty) named driver from Kurnia Insurance
  • Free for all named driver from Etiqa Takaful
  • Reduce excess fee from rm400 to rm20 only from Allianz Insurance

All mentioned brands is a major player in their area of the motor Insurance & Takaful industries.

Same like you, we are very happy to see positive changes made.
We believe many others will follow and this will be the next standard across all Insurance & Takaful operators.

Like other changes made, usual terms and condition like below 21years old,  L & P licence holder exception apply.
We do not want to discuss Insurance nor Takaful jargon here much.

If you would like to know more of to enjoy the latest offer, please feel free to renew your Insurance & Takaful with HOI

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