Yes, it is somewhat still valid.

  1. That 10% is not actually a discount given to you. It is a portion of the sum that not legally can be taken as it does not “patuh syariah” to take what’s not belongs to them as in Takaful 10% was meant for the agent fee.
  2. Insurance company “gave away” that 10% to match Takaful’s offering although they can take that portion legally as Insurance has nothing to do with Syariah governance.

Is 10% discount means you got the cheapest price? No.

  • Brand A: 1.8k after 10% discount from 2k premium
  • Brand B: 1.4k with no towing & no 10% discount
  • Brand C: 1.6k with towing & PA with no 10% discount

These will be the somehow the new dilemma when July comes. 10% discount is not legitimately the “best cheapest” premium anymore.

Be smart, shop around, things will never be the same after July 2017.